Brand clarity call

Clarity on how your brand should look, sound & feel.

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In this 60 minute call, we will clearly define who you are, what you do and why you do it.

I will ask you questions to guide you to a feeling of clarity and confidence about yourself and your brand. We’ll tackle any grey areas and uncover how valuable your service is and why.

Using your own personality traits & beliefs we will discover your brand’s core values, before finally creating a vision for how your brand will look, sound and feel.




A review of an existing design with feedback & suggestions for improvement.

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Have an existing logo or website that you aren't quite sure about?

I will go through your existing designs with a fine tooth comb and clearly define areas for change and development.

This is perfect for anyone who's not ready to invest in a full brand package, perhaps doing their design themselves and in need of a professional opinion.



“My brand clarity call was more helpful than I even thought it would be! It helped guide me in a great direction on my personal branding, and I could not have asked for better guidance. Jess was engaging, organized, creative and fun to work with. Highly recommended”.

Lisa - Dallas, Texas


“Jessica has such a great eye for detail and design. She really listens to exactly what you want for your brand and makes your ideas come to life. She takes time to really understand you, allowing you to feel confident and assured in her work! My website has never looked better!”

Natalie, London UK