Whether we like it or not, in this digital age, everybody has a personal brand. We also have the ability now more than ever to craft a career based on our lifestyle and interests. The first step to achieving this is to know who you are, what you can offer and how to visually communicate this to the people you’re serving.

This is how I can help. As a graphic designer and brand strategist, I’m passionate about helping business owners visualise and create their own unique brand identity. One that builds trust, engagement and a long lasting impression.

I was born and raised on the outskirts of London UK and graduated from The University of the Arts with a BA degree in Digital Media Design. Since then I have worked as a designer in-house and remotely for various online businesses, designing everything from websites, to brochures to complete brand over-hauls.

I discovered my passion for personal branding when I overcame the struggle of creating my own and having created a fulfilling business and career for myself, my mission is to help others take their first step in doing the same. If you’re ready to build yourself a brand that accurately reflects you and your aspirations, take a look at my services and get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.


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